It’s July

woman with head down on table surrounded by piles of paper

Local Woman Defeated by Manuscript

This was me, less than two months ago, three days before my manuscript was due back to the publisher. What’s happened since then?

  • Got the copyedits back a month later and spent an intense week going through them, responding to questions from the editor, and generally reveling in having such a close, obsessive read on my chapters. Then I turned it all in!
  • Wrote my acknowledgements page, which was challenging and fun at the same time. There are so many people who’ve helped me out over the years and I am full of gratitude. And I’m sure I’ve forgotten others.
  • Blurbs: solicited!
  • Accidentally killed this website when I transferred servers and forgot to back up all my content. Note to self: Never again.
  • Resurrected the whole damn thing.
  • Slept poorly, drank too much coffee, downgraded to tea, cut out caffeine for one woozy week, upgraded back to coffee, slept poorly, back to tea, all is well.
  • Planted a garden, wrote an essay, did an interview, read Drunken Boat submissions, threw a party, spent a long weekend in the country gaping at nature and silence and crickets and waterfalls, finally started reading novels again (thank god)
  • Hatching plans

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