Leaving New Mexico

top, an adobe house surrounded by trees and green leaves; bottom, same house but with bare trees and some snowMy first day and last day at my casita in Taos

Three months, two seasons, 90,000 words of a new novel drafted, one short story and three essays written, countless sunset walks and hikes and bike rides taken, many nachos and green chiles and potlucks eaten, several shooting stars wished upon, one supermoon rising over a mountain, ten new artist friends, six weeks of post-election fallout. Late nights and early mornings, the mountains, magpies, coyotes at night, a couple of skunks.

a woman in gray pants and a black sweater standing on top of white sand dunes

Going home to New York City on Monday. What comes next? A lot.

the back of a woman's black coat walking away from the camera, on a rocky trail during sunset

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